Doctoral Support and Mentorship

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APADS Executive Board Members... Giving Back while Paying It Forward


APADS is a support organization that fosters and provides mentoring support for Pan-African students and scholars.  We are concerned both with ensuring the academic success of students pursuing a doctoral degree, supporting the professional development of Pan-African scholars in educational research and corporate settings. 


We are a multifaceted non-profit organization interested in developing our community through the successes of our Members.

Our Purpose


APADS is an educational advocacy organization and has as its major purposes:

  • To support and foster academic achievement for students enrolled in accredited graduate institutions or related programs or professional services

  • To be an education advocate for persons of African descent who are either scholars or students in pursuit of higher educational scholarship

  • To provide scholarships, a support network, scholarship and mutual aid to educational professionals who are engaged in teaching, research, and community development

  • To provide mentorship and professional development to help assure the personal and academic success of Pan-African scholars


APADS offers a safe space for dissertation students and candidates to ask questions, interact with knowledgeable dissertation experts and content scholars within a caring, learning environment.

General Membership

General Members hold doctoral degrees and participate in membership meetings, hold office, participate in APADS programs and committees, elect representatives to the Executive Board, network with APADS members and community partners, and provide mentoring and support to doctoral students in the organization.


Associate Membership

Doctoral students/candidates, known as Associate Members, participate in membership meetings, attend various APADS programs and special events, and are provided the opportunity for mentoring and support during the academic doctoral study and in professional pursuits.  It is expected that Associate Members will return to the organization upon graduation, to mentor others for at least one year.

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