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Fielding Graduate University Provost and SVP to speak at APADS, Inc.'s Graduation

APADS, Inc. will host its annual Graduation and Kente Donning Ceremony on Sunday, June 11, 2023 at 2:30pm (PST) at the historic National Council of Negro Women, Inc. COUNCIL HOUSE in Los Angeles, CA.

Wendi Williams, Ph.D., Provost and Senior Vice President at Fielding Graduate University, has made significant scholarly contributions in the field through authored and edited works as well as conference presentations of her research and analysis, and professional development curricula and workshops. With her recently published edited book, WE Matter!: Intersectional Anti-Racist Feminist Interventions with Black Girls and Women and forthcoming books, Black Women at Work: On Refusal and Recovery and The Majestic Place: The Freedom Possible in Black Women’s Leadership, she keeps these conversations in the discourse.

Of late, she has become more interested in “diminishing the paywall” between the work she engages for and about diverse girls’ and women’s lives and the actual communities that can benefit from this work. To this end, she engages in popular media as well as scholarly journals and books to ensure her work is accessible to members of the public and the professionals who will serve them.

All APADS Alumni are encouraged to attend, wear their doctoral regalia and march in the doctoral procession. For more information:

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