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Who will be presenting at APADS Inc.’s 2023 Colloquium?

APADS, Inc. is an organization that offers a way for doctoral candidates to share their research with a wider audience. During their research presentation, doctoral candidates will further establish their credibility and professionalism in their field. By using a recognized and respected organization such as APADS, Inc. to share their research, doctoral candidates can demonstrate that they take their work seriously and are committed to sharing their findings with a broader audience.

Moreover, APADS, Inc. provides doctoral candidates with access to valuable resources, such as tools for data visualization, open access publishing, and networking opportunities with other researchers. This can help candidates further develop their research and connect with other professionals in their field.

This year’s colloquium will feature the following doctoral candidates on Sunday, May 21, 2023 at 2:30pm (PST) (For more information: APADS, Inc.).

Andre Crenshaw, Ed.D. – Ph.D. Candidate - Pepperdine University

Faculties Exodus from Africa: Assessing African Academic Faculty from the Diaspora's Adoption of e-Learning Technology in the United States of America

Jeannette Hutton-Pugh, Ph.D. - Pepperdine University

Transformational Triage: An Analysis of Best Practice Behaviors & Competencies in US Healthcare Executives During the COVID-19 Crisis

Shalom Ratcliff, Ph.D. - Walden University

Impact of Minority Incarceration on the Family Unit

David Sippio, Ph.D. - The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

The Toxic Bully Boss: Echoes Of American Slavocracy Tactics In Adverse Workplace Leadership Styles

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