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How can Doctoral Candidates demonstrate their expertise?

Every year since 2004, APADS has hosted its annual Colloquium. The colloquium was initiated by then President Dr. Stanley Viltz, a career higher education administrator who served within the academic sector for over 37 years. Through the APADS, Inc. Colloquium, doctoral candidates present their research to an audience of their peers. Presenting research allows doctoral candidates to showcase their work and demonstrate their expertise in their field of study. It also provides an opportunity to receive feedback from peers and experts in the field, which can help refine the research and improve its quality.

Secondly, presenting research is an important aspect of academic and professional development. It allows doctoral candidates to develop their communication skills, including presenting complex information in a clear and concise manner, answering questions from the audience, and engaging in academic discourse.

Thirdly, presenting research can help doctoral candidates establish their reputation and credibility within the academic community. This can be especially important for those pursuing academic careers, as it can lead to future opportunities for collaboration, funding, and job prospects.

For more information about the 2023 APADS Colloquium and its doctoral candidate presenters, go to APADS, Inc.

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