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Knowledge Sharing and the Black Doctoral Scholar

Updated: Apr 9, 2023

APADS Colloquium May 21, 2023 – ZOOM

A colloquium is an academic or professional gathering where experts come together to discuss a specific topic or theme. It is an important forum for the exchange of ideas and the exploration of new research directions. APADS, Inc. has a strong commitment to promoting knowledge sharing and professional development, and it organizes a colloquium annually on topics related to its Members’ areas of expertise.

By organizing colloquiums, APADS, Inc. has created a platform for professionals to network and build new collaborations. These events have provided an opportunity for Members to meet and exchange ideas with other experts in their field, leading to new research projects and partnerships. Through these events, APADS, Inc. has demonstrated its commitment to promoting research and innovation and has helped to foster a community of scholars and practitioners dedicated to making a positive impact in the world.

The Colloquium 2023 will highlight 4 APADS Members:

Andre Crenshaw, Ed.D. – Ph.D. Candidate - Pepperdine University

Faculties Exodus from Africa: Assessing African Academic Faculty from the Diaspora's Adoption of e-Learning Technology in the United States of America

Jeannette Hutton-Pugh, Ph.D. - Pepperdine University

Transformational Triage: An Analysis of Best Practice Behaviors & Competencies in US Healthcare Executives During the COVID-19 Crisis

Shalom Ratcliff, Ph.D. - Walden University

Impact of Minority Incarceration on the Family Unit

David Sippio, Ph.D. - The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

The Toxic Bully Boss: Echoes Of American Slavocracy Tactics In Adverse Workplace Leadership Styles

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